Tuesday, April 15, 2008

How to insert background image in MS Excel 2007

Inserting Background Images in Ms Excel 2007
Today, Microsoft Excel is used in every organization, accounting and financial companies. MS Excel is recognized as the most effective spreadsheet program at the international level. Primarily designed for computers that use the Windows operating system, this platform has been developed by Microsoft.. It is helpful in creating a spreadsheet with simplicity and at faster pace. It has stupendous calculation tools, and it be can effectively used for graphing in worksheet.

Follow the below mentioned steps, if you want to insert an image in the worksheet background:

1. Click the worksheet that you want to display with a sheet background.

2. On the Format menu, point to Sheet, and then click Background.

3. Select the picture that you want to use for the sheet background, and then click Insert.

You cannot use watermark image in background because the sheet is not printed. If you want to display the image on every printed page, you can use the image in the header and footer. In this way, you can start inserting the text at the top and bottom of every page in worksheet.

The following steps shows, how to create the header and footer in every page:

1. Go to the View menu, click Header and Footer.

2. In the Page Setup dialog box, click Custom Header or Custom Footer.

3. Click in the Left section, Center section, or Right section box.

4. In the row of buttons in the Header or Footer dialog box, click Insert Picture and then find the image you want to insert.

5. Double-click the image to insert it in the header or footer section box.

6. To resize or scale the image, click Format Picture in the row of buttons in the Header or Footer dialog box and then, in the Format Picture dialog box, select the options you want on the Size tab.

There may arise a situation, where you loose your data due to virus attacks, error in the disk, power failure, improper system shutdown, hardware failure, etc. For dealing with this issue and in order to recover images, clip art, charts, worksheets etc stored in Excel file, you can use Excel Recovery software. A number of tools to Repair Excel file are available in the market .They are devised to help you in recovering your important data from damaged or corrupt Excel files. RecoveryFix for Excel is one such tool that successfully repair corrupt Excel file.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Computer Monitoring

Computer monitoring software is a software that secretly monitors each and every single keystroke, typed in any application on the PC, by your employees. Hence, you can keep a watch on whether your employees are listening songs from online sites, playing games, chatting or surfing the internet.

According to the latest report and surveys, followings are the ways as how your employees spend their working hours:

  • On average, workers spend more than 18 hours per week online at the office, as oppose to only 9.5 hours at home.
  • Above 90% percent of employees feel, the internet can be addictive, and 41% admit to personal surfing at work for more than three hours per week.
  • Above 50% of employees say, they use official Internet for personal interest during working hours.
  • Above 60% of total Internet traffic occurs during 10:00 A.M to 6:00 P.M. on a day.
  • Above 35% of Internet use in the workplace is not related to business.
  • According to a survey by International Data Corp (IDC), 30 to 40% of internet access is spent on personal browsing, and a staggering 60% of all online purchases are made during working hours.
  • Above 30% of workers say, they surf web constantly at work.
  • Above 60% of Security Breaches occur within the Company - behind the Firewall
  • Above 65% of employees, check their e-mail, Internet, phone calls, and computer files in working hours.
Every emoployer would like to monitor and control their employer’s activities related to internet or networking in office.. This goal of keeping track of the employee’s internet usage cannot be acheied manually. In order to deal with this issue, many Employees Monitoring Software are now available in the market. Employee monitoring software is an excellent tool for business, organizations that is devised for administrators to keep track of each employee’s computer in real-time from one centralized position. This software runs invisible and records what employees, children and the other users do on the computer It monitors your employees computer on internet or LAN, collect all details of what, when, how employees did, view their desktop LIVE, run the background software, execute commands such as Shutdown or Log-off computer from the monitored computer to the computer which is being monitored.

Keep monitoring what is happening on employee’s computer; keep an eye on their systems, have complete control over employees, with Chily employee monitoring software.

  • You can get the following information about the software:
  • How your employees spend working hours
  • Which web sites are visited your employee or children
  • Displays what they see on the screens
  • Invisible monitoring for your employee or children
  • Keys they press ( keystrokes )
  • Have complete control over monitored PC by locking it
  • Display FTP activities
  • Closing and restarting the computer.
Chilly Softech provides you with an excellent Computer Monitoring software for office or home use. This monitoring system enables you to track and record all employee activities.. Apart from this, the Chilly employee monitoring system also enables you to read the off-line logs created by it..

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

How to Create Calendar in MS Excel 2007

These days, accounting and statistical records have forced many business people conduct their financial affairs properly. But, in this competitive world, managing little things is never that easy and in most of occasion turns very tough. In fact, when life becomes hectic, work pressure increases and simultaneously maintaining and scheduling dates or being informed about the latest upcoming appointments becomes very a difficult task. Businessmen are more likely to forget important meetings and appointments due to their busy schedules. But, like every problem always has a solution, this problem to can be solved just by maintaining a proper calendar. A calendar can help you in reminding important dates and events.

Desktop calendars helps you to maintain records of every important event and dates; upcoming events like birth dates, important meetings, appointments etc. Thus the utility of this software cannot be ignored. Unlike a calendar, it is always active on your computer desktop and displays events of a particular day that have been scheduled.

However, there are certain limitation of desktop calendar in terms of mobility, you can only view the appointments, important meetings, birth dates and anniversaries in your computer and cannot carry with you everywhere. It is not always possible to work on your computer and so you cannot have the desktop calendar with you everywhere. Being in a profession that demands frequent visit to different places, you may require to go to other places for business purposes, where there is a need to view the calendar for scheduling and viewing upcoming events. In such occasions, desktop calendar is of no use. At such condition, there is a need of a calendar that can be viewed anywhere and at anytime.

Microsoft Excel Calendar can be viewed anywhere and anytime and saves your web mail. With internet connection and computer, you can view the calendar at any point of time and can get the saved information easily.

Now for this, the most important thing that you require is Microsoft Excel utility and internet connection in your computer for downloading the templates. You can easily make various kinds of perpetual calendars, and custom calendars in your own language, designs and styles.

Now in order to create a Calendar in MS Excel, all you require is follow steps described below:

Open MS Excel

• Click the MS Office logo on the top-left of the worksheet

• Click the New option button. The New Workbook window will be displayed.

• Select the Calendars option from the Templates bar.

• MS Office Online will search for the templates on its online portal and display number of calendar options to select from.

• Select any of the template type to create a calendar entry, preview of the selected calendar type will be displayed in the right panel.

• Click the Download button to open the calendar template from Microsoft website. P.S. you need to have internet connection to perform this action.

• Microsoft Office Genuine Advantage dialogue box will appear, you need to click the Continue button to create the calendar. In this window Microsoft validates your MS Office software copy for.

• After this MS Office will download the selected calendar template and open the format to create day to day entries.

Calendar will be displayed in the work sheet. Now, you can easily add your appointment dates, meeting dates with the boss, birth dates of friends and relatives in your calendar and then save the calendar at desired location of your hard drive or in your web mail – to have easy and instant accessibility.

You can have your important dates and events with you and access them as you open any MS Excel workbook. As you save your calendar entries in your hard drive and web mail, your hard disk may gets corrupt because of the following reasons:

1.Bad sectors in the disk
2.Improper system shutdown
3.Virus attacks

Similarly, because of the more number of entries in the calendar, file size increases and this also results and increases the chances of file corruption. To overcome from such situations, a recovery tool to repair excel file is very helpful and can assist you get ride of such issues. It will not only recover your calendar but any excel file of charts, graphic, formulas, and pictures etc.

Though, you must note that in order to recover your data easily and safely from corrupt excel file, you must use Excel Recovery Software. Recovery Fix for Excel is the excel recovery software to repair excel file, software supports MS Excel 2003, XP, 2000, and 97 for file repair and data recovery process. It is definitely the best available tool that can help in recovering charts, formulas, pictures and other embedded object.

Today this software that can help you repair corrupt excel files is easily available for free download. This is software that can support single file recovery and multiple file recovery at a time. The Excel free ware displays preview of the recovered data from the repaired excel file but to save it, you need to buy full version of the software.